News: November 2007


Nothing extra shaking on the mean streets this month, although Don did his cicerone bit for a large tour by appointment negotiated by that organization whose origins go back to rescuing child slaves from the Tongs. Various people, though, still keep popping in emails requesting a tour in two or three days — with Don’s favorite the guy who asked about joining up with the walk “next Wednesday.” There is no walk next Wednesday. Any tours offered where folk can show up for $10 each appear on the Current Walks page, and if you are hauling into town and want to have one of those tossed on the burner, then you need to give Don at least a month’s lead time to announce it here. If you’re more a Caspar Gutman type with some bigger bills to toss around, then sudden negotiations may be made, and of course if you have your own large group ready to walk then gumshoes can kiss the asphalt anytime you want.

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