Posse McMillan: Crumdog Speaks


The magazine Contrappasso is going a little interactive. You now can read the piece of autobiography Floyd Salas contributed to the first issue online — and the interview with James “Crumdog” Crumley by Noel King also gets an online direct-to-the-talk hook-up. Plus I understand that you’re able to stream audio for at least parts of the Crumley interview. Even better. Figure out the tone and inflection on your own, so you get a better idea of how the interview should read.

Every now and then over the years I have nudged Dennis McMillan to do a memoir of when he lived in Missoula, down the back alley from Crumley’s place — great stories about one of the best modern hard-boiled writers, and they should be in print, or online, not just in the memories of people who have heard them.

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