Posse McMillan: The Legend Continues

Along with other distractions of the season to keep me away from posting, it turns out that no less than Dennis McMillan has shown up in town — that’ll eat up some time. He’s got me roped into a book party of some sort at Green Arcade Bookstore tomorrow night, and I bet I’ll have to sit in on one or more breakfasts eventually.

Fortunately, like a sane person, Dennis seems to eat breakfast around noon or 1 p.m. That I can do.

But if you think Dennis just rolls into San Francisco and that’s it, then you don’t understand the Dennis legend, and how he became legendary.

No, Dennis rolled into Frisco, parked his car in front of Jim Nisbet’s tall book-lined manse, like something out of Baudelaire, and within two hours his car was stolen with a suitcase filled with vintage ties in the trunk.

Welcome to Christmas in the City.

Kansas plates. If you see the machine abandoned somewhere, let me know.

[And what do you know — a quick phone update from DMac, letting me know the event at Green Arcade for Monday the 9th has been cancelled — the musical trio all got the flu, or something. Score another one for wintertime.]

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