Rediscovered: A Little Xmas Present for Hardboiled Fans

The December 18 ish of Publishers Weekly features an interview by our pal Patrick “Catfish” Millikin as advance promo for Kent Anderson’s February release, Green Sun.

Put that one on your hardboiled shopping list for 2018.

Kent is one of the great modern hardboiled stylists, with this novel highly anticipated by the inner circles passionate about such things — in the same series as Anderson’s Sympathy for the Devil and Night Dogs.

I first met Kent some years ago in Tucson when we were both stopping in on Dennis McMillan in his sprawling one-story hacienda. Might have been the visit when Dennis almost killed me with food poisoning, might have been another one.

But I’m hearing the new book is terrific. The previous two were terrific, so I don’t doubt it.

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