Rediscovered: Block Off the Block

Our man on the eBay beat, Brian Leno, reports in on the sale of Lawrence Block’s second book, nabbing the minimum bid of merely $500:

The “Rodney Canewell”-Lawrence Block book ended up with only one bidder.

It ended at 3:32a.m. my time this morning so I didn’t stay up to watch the shoot out, which is a good thing, because there wasn’t any.

The winning bidder did place another bid on it earlier Monday but he didn’t need to have worried. One bidder, two bids, and the book is eBay history.

I do believe your site whipped (pun intended) up the necessary publicity to get the book sold.

Would it have gone for more if the seller would have included additional details doesn’t really matter at this point. I’m sure he’s close to ecstatic to get $500, and whomever bid on it is obviously happy, else why would he have ventured into auction territory?

Still, I love that pseudonym. No reason to spare the rod if you’re going to cane well. Shows imagination, no writer’s block (sorry) there.

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