Rediscovered: Card from —>A-No. 1<---

Trapped inside with autographs, books, posters and papers, Brian Leno drops a note to say:

“I’ve been digging like a gopher through my stuff and found something I didn’t know I have.

“It’s a postcard of the ‘champion tramp of the world’ A No. 1.

“The back is pretty cool:

Preserve this card, circumstances might force you to become a homeless tramp. Should you meet me, this card will be good for a square meal, if I am not dead-broke myself.

[Facsimile signature] Yours truly —>A. No. 1<— the Rambler

Be sure to read my book, a true story of my wanderings and hardships all over the known world. “Life and Adventures of A No 1.”  Thrilling from cover to cover. Illustrated. Price 25 cents. At all news stands.

“If I ever become a down-and-out bum,” mulls Leno, “there is hope, I guess.”

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