Rediscovered: Endless Autographs

The steady flow of autograph materials over the last few days has plunged Autograph Hound Brian Leno even deeper into John Hancockian reveries, but then he’s never quite free of such musings. . . .

“Of course I’ve been reading with enjoyment the autograph stuff on your site. For what it’s worth I’ve seen a lot of Bradbury inscriptions where he uses the exclamation mark. So my feeling is John! has a keeper. (In the same fashion, I have a Clint Eastwood signed photo inscribed to Brian, but not this Brian.) 

“When I saw the reference to Ray Faraday Nelson and Roy Batty it triggered my memory and I realized I needed a Nelson signature.

“Not a lot of them out there but still pretty easy to find, and obviously nowhere near the cost of PKD.

“So I have a signed Ray Faraday Nelson ambling its way to my post box.

“It will sit proudly next to my PKD signed letters book, and I wonder if Nelson ever saw or experienced all the cool things Roy Batty did.

“Thanks to modern technology I’ve been able to listen to the wind whistling on Mars, but my man Roy has me beat all to hell.”

Thus, Leno.

Me, while I am nowhere near the throne of an autograph king of his ilk, in this niche I have him beaten (for the moment). I have quite a few inscribed R. Faraday Nelson books, probably most dating from around the period I enlisted Ray to essay the part of Fatty Arbuckle in a little role playing game I honchoed.

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