Rediscovered: EQMM Today


EQMM TodayUsually on this blog any chatter about Ellery Queen Mystery Magazine harks back to the days of yesteryear, when the two cousins who wrote as “Ellery Queen” ran the show, and one of the two — the redoubtable Frederic Dannay — reprinted a lot of Hammett short stories, which he assembled in various paperback collections.

But EQMM is still alive and well, issues hitting the newsstands a couple of months before the cover date (a time-honored tradition with newsstand magazines, which I’ll refer to again soon enough).

I was reminded that EQMM deserves a little blurb by news on the Dave/Evan Lewis website, where he announces that he has a new Sherlock Holmesian sort of tale in the current issue — dated February next year but on the stands any second now. I read a previous one in this series that also appeared in EQMM and liked it — some of the other entries in the set saw life on webzines and didn’t have as much oomph as you need to crack the print market, so I’m assuming this one will be on that higher plane.

Plus Evan’s byline makes the cover — congrats!

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