Rediscovered: For the Q&A

Toward the Q&A following the screening of The Woman Chaser with Patrick Warburton in the role of Richard Hudson, I poked around in my book Willeford for any tidbits of info on the novel — a Paperback Original released by Newsstand Library in 1960.

I even pulled the first edition off the shelf to see if it was signed. Some of my Willefords are signed or inscribed, some not — there’s a better chance if the book was sent to me in the mail. If he gave me a book when I visited him in Miami, I didn’t think to ask for a signature.

I found the PBO of The Woman Chaser inscribed to me on the inside front cover — signed “Charles Willeford” — no date.

The inscription reads: “I think Richard Hudson is the most unlikable character you’ll encounter this year.”

I suspect the audience watching the Warburton flick in the Alamo Drafthouse would agree.

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