Rediscovered: FrankenHammer

To keep Autograph Hound Super-Sunday going, Halloween-style, how about a glance at a formal display from Brian Leno’s extensive collection of John Hancocks?

A couple of days ago Brian informed me: “Got up this morning and figured today would be the day I start listing, for my own benefit, all my signatures.

“Got to about 100 and sanity struck home — pure lunacy to even attempt.

“Just too many, Don. I would be writing for days — as Walter Brennan used to say, No brag, just fact.

Here’s Brian:

For me, Halloween is not Halloween without Hammer Horror, as in Peter Cushing, Christopher Lee and Hazel Court from The Curse of Frankenstein.

I was watching Frankenstein Must be Destroyed a couple of nights ago and at one point Cushing pulls out a surgical saw and starts taking someone’s skull off to get at the brain.

Hilarious. You can hear the saw blade grating on the bone. I’m pretty sure Leatherface got a few pointers from the good doctor.

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