Rediscovered: Further FLIVVERing from Carroll John Daly

Man, I don’t even have to LOOK for evidence, it just rolls in like the sea.

You may recall that in The Great Flivver War of 2015 I found an example of Black Mask great Carroll John Daly using the term “flivver” to describe a Ford Model T.

Today I was looking over a new blog post describing an early Daly opus from People’s Magazine in 1923, which mentions the hero’s horse:

In short order Red has saved Gerta and is hired as foreman on her ranch, but it is hardly smooth sailing from there, as soon Gerta is kidnapped, and even once he rescues her Red has to face her jealousy over saloon girl Rosita.

But with the help of his horse, “El Flivver!…El Hennery Ford! The devil caballo!”, and his Colt .45 automatic, Red is a match for just about anything the Old West or Old Mexico can throw at him save perhaps Gerta.

Yep, it’s Hi-Yo El Flivver Away!

The devil horse, a.k.a. El Henry Ford. . . .

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