Rediscovered: Great Scott!

You want to talk about Sir Walter Scott suddenly being in the air?

Kevin Cook stumbled over his name during his current reread of Machen’s Far Off Things and then noticed coverage of the flick Ivanhoe in the new issue of Firsts. And just now — out of the blue, no knowledge of Kevin puzzling over why Scott’s name should be flung before his face when he hasn’t thought about him in years — Brian Leno jumps into action.

I figure Brian simply noticed the bit in the course of his usual perambulating about the web, and its the sort of info that would attract his attention. Or is it more than mere coincidence?

Brian writes, “I had never heard that Sir Walter Scott’s mother was buried as dead, awoke when thieves or thief tried to steal from her body and bore Walter five years later.”

Truth or fiction? You decide. Check it out in an old comic book feature by the seminal figures of Simon and Kirby. With the success of the Marvel Universe movies, Jack Kirby must be one of the most imitated artists of all time.

“Cool story,” Leno notes. “Wonder what it would take to bring Scott’s novels back from the dead?”

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