Rediscovered: Haefele on The Candlelight Press

For you bibliophiles out there, John D. Haefele just put up a comprehensive yet compact history and survey of The Candlelight Press — one of the presses August Derleth of Arkham House had a couple of fingers in for a few years. Peter Ruber — one of the later short-lived editors at Arkham — acted as publisher, and Derleth’s work was a mainstay of that publishing firm in its heyday.

Ruber did other interesting books, as well. Out of all the titles he was involved with, the tribute to the great Chicago bookman Vincent Starrett, The Last Bookman, is my personal favorite. Plus, as often happens, Sherlock Holmes gets dragged in from over on Baker Street. Some pastiche. Some poetry.

Haefele — hot off publication of Lovecraft: The Great Tales — covers it all. And includes thorough checklists of all titles and ephemera.

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