Rediscovered: Initial Signatures

The noted book and pulp collector Kevin Cook provides a footnote or two on the most recent signature covered in our ongoing surveys of the good, the bad, and the ugly John Hancocks riding the range:

A comment on the Charles de Lint “signature” on your blog.

De Lint has never actually signed his full name.

Much like George Pelecanos he has always used initials, but the “CdL” has grown sloppier and sloppier.

Still, what I look for when we deal with the poor signatures was just that, signatures, not guys who initial their books.

If initials counted, then Pelecanos would rank as the worst ever because you can hardly distinguish a “GP” in what he writes. He also will not write out his name, as I asked him to do at The Mysterious Book Shop, saying “That’s not my signature. I initial every book.”

I did not bother arguing with him about the definition of a signature. You’ve met him, I gather. Very deadpan, dry sense of humor although he will crack a smile now and then.

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