Rediscovered: Jeopardy! Hits the Hammett Clew Pile Again

In July I reported on Hammett showing up in another round of Jeopardy! and said:

Will they eventually run out of Hammett clews — or is “Who is Dashiell Hammett?” an endless source?

I wasn’t worried about the well running dry. You’ve got Sam Spade and the Falcon, McCarthy era and burial in Arlington — and then there’s always Nick and Nora.

On November 30 in the category 2 for the Literary Taking the card read: “Nick & Nora Charles are the crime solving duo in this 1934 novel by Dashiell Hammett.”

The guy named The Thin Man, of course.

(Plus on October 7 I noticed none other than our old pal Ace Atkins making it into the Jeopardy! cultural mix.

(Maybe Ace put it up on his Facebook page or something, I don’t know — but if not, the category was Books & Authors, the $1200 clew. The card read: “Since Robert B. Parker’s death, Ace Atkins has taken over writing the books about this detective for hire.”

(Contestant Matt Jackson — one of the more famous recent faces on the show, with the performance art slowwww smiles and finger-counting — got it: “Who is Spenser?”

(Me, I made the clews back circa 1982 or 1983 — that was long before even Ken Jennings, to keep an historic perspective on the subject.)

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