Rediscovered: John D. Haefele on Fungi from Yuggoth

1764814Remember how John D. Haefele was nudging me to do a reread on H. P. Lovecraft’s Fungi from Yuggoth sonnet cycle a few months ago, which led to my micro-essay “Pigeons from Hell from Lovecraft”?

I give Haefele a blurb at the start of that essay.

But he wasn’t asking me to do anything he wasn’t willing to do on his own, and now you can find his latest thoughts on the subjects of fungoid sonneteering and Lovecraftian versifying and how Don Wandrei kicked it all off in a brand new essay under his byline,Fungi from Yuggoth, and Beyond.”

Just went live last night over on The Cimmerian blog. Not to be missed for any fan of Lovecraft and Weird Tales and cosmic — and we’re talking uber cosmic — horror.

Haefele is kind of loosening up his writing arm before heading for the plate, where he’ll be hitting for the fences in Lovecraft: The Great Tales.

I predict a series of litcrit home runs in that baby.

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