Rediscovered: Like Brian Leno Needed Another John Hancock from Jack Dempsey

Our maniacal Autograph Hound pal Brian Leno got a surprise for Xmas — an item of Jack Dempsey ephemera. Let Brian explain it:

“A friend of mine was at a library book sale in North Carolina and found a promotional pamphlet for Jack Dempsey’s upcoming book Dempsey by the Man Himself. With some excerpts and photos. About six pages.

“I didn’t even know that thing existed.

“Trick was it was signed — and sitting in the trash pile.

“My friend snapped it up and mailed it to me. Can’t believe a Dempsey autograph was residing in the trash pile.

“It’s pretty beat up, right side tattered but the signature is nice and clear. 

“I’ve already had it framed, so the tattered side is no longer in view.

“Looks pretty nice for a throwaway item.

“Every so often a library sale spits out some gold.”

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