Rediscovered: Lin Carter (or Not Lin Carter) Annotates Klarkash-Ton

Got a note from Kristopher Curling along with several pics asking if his recent purchase of The Dark Chateau, published by Arkham House in 1951, contains holograph annotations by Lin Carter. He knows the book comes from Carter’s collection, and the writing looks like Carter to him — and to me — but some definitive opinion on the topic is welcome. If you want to chip in with a Thumbs Up or Thumbs Down on the question, and know your Lin Carter.

In any case, check out this guy studying CAS, pencil in hand, and suggesting improved wording:

I’ve been following your Arkham House postings for a while and am looking forward to your future book on the ephemera. I’ve just obtained something through auction that may interest you.

I had been looking for affordable copies of the poetry books from Arkham in the 1950’s when I stumbled across The Dark Chateau by Clark Ashton Smith with no reserve. There are minor damp stains in a couple of places and notations in pencil, so I got it for much less than normal.

As I was leafing through a card fell out. It was from the Robert & Phyllis Weinberg collection. On the back of that card it states the book came from Lin Carter’s collection and the price they had paid.

I really started looking at the holograph notes then.

The notes are all of a literary critique type.

I’m no forensic handwriting analyst but based on pictures of Carter’s handwriting from your own website and others I’m convinced these are Carter’s written notes and observations about Smith’s poetry!

Certain letters like his r, e and s are pretty unique.

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