Rediscovered: Miles

And more “suspects,” courtesy the curiosity cabinets of Brian Leno:

Frank Miles was an artist and shared a house with Oscar Wilde — at least they shared accommodations until they possibly got into a lover’s spat and Miles kicked Oscar out.

Miles loved to paint beautiful women, incorporating floral designs with their portraits. Lillie Langtry posed for the artist in his and Wilde’s house.

Not a serious Ripper suspect, Miles might have been a monster himself, supposedly enjoying intimacy with young girls under the age of consent.

The note reads “My dear friend, when will your ship come in, I mean your quarter be paid. I assure you I would not write this, if it were not important to me.”

Evidently someone owned Miles some money and wasn’t paying.

By the way, some nitwits also list Oscar Wilde as a potential Ripper suspect.

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