Rediscovered: More on Derleth and the Little Review Phenom

A couple of weeks back John D. Haefele began a series of posts on August Derleth and the Little Review and part two just went live over on the Allied Authors of Wisconsin site, if you want to check it out.

There’s at least one more section to come — I think that’s where Haefele will need to wrestle with the shadow of my late pal Stanley McNail and his long-running little review of poetry titled Galley Sail Review. I’ll probably have to dig out my Stan Files to fact check this or that, see if GSR could have been an influence on Derleth’s similar publication.

GSR ran out of San Francisco for a long time, and ultimately from Stan’s final hideout in Berkeley.

And Stan’s collection of horror poetry, Something Breathing, which Derleth released under the Arkham House imprint in 1965, will be another ball tossed into the equation and juggled around. Yeah, I’m looking forward to that post.

Otherwise, the other day Haefele popped me a rough text for his Clark Ashton Smith chapter in Lovecraft: The Great Tales, while his previous book A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos stirred to life on the Amazon Bestseller List for Horror LitCrit — yesterday the eBook version hit no.3 on the list and when I finally got moving today I noticed that the print version in trade paperback was at no.9, with the eBook still holding in the Top Twenty at no.17.

I expect Great Tales to excite so much interest that anyone who has not read Derleth Mythos by then will line up for copies.

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