Rediscovered: More on Roadhouse Benny

hollywood revue

My Jack Benny Research Team never sleeps!

Not much, anyway.

Remember the post I did back in 2012 about hearing the mention of Benny’s name in the movie Roadhouse Nights, based — and I use the word based very, very loosely — on the Hammett novel Red Harvest?

If not, go back and check out that post for the background.

Now, here’s the news: the website Tralfaz presents evidence that puts Benny on radio by 1929, which would make the reference in Roadhouse Nights more explicable.

I still stick — on a gut level — with the idea that the possible Chi-town connection between Ben Hecht and Benny may best account for the reference/in-joke.

More info as it surfaces, if ever. . . .

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