Rediscovered: Padgett Powell Book Posts Willeford

Aha. Another guy has just discovered the late great Charles Willeford and covers the waterfront on the direct-to-your-inbox service Book Post. If interested, hop to the link fast — I have no idea what the archiving is like.

My book on Willeford, Willeford, gets a passing mention. Says it “sounds like a good book.” Well, yeah. (Ethan Iverson, also mentioned in the article, once hired me to give him a special Master Class in Willeford, a one-on-one tutorial — Ethan is smarter than most people you meet.)

One tidbit I found interesting is that Saul Bellow found Willeford to be “flat.” The blurb says “nicely ‘flat,'” but flat doesn’t sound flattering, does it?

(And if this marks some sort of tenuous literary dustup between the ghosts of Willeford and Bellow, remember that another of my favorite writers in The Immobilized Man genre, Floyd Salas, once had some kind of little screaming match with Bellow. Reports on that encounter vary.)

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