Rediscovered: Polaris — of the Snows

So, what tour de force of John Hancockery could Kevin Cook lay out for today’s Autograph Hound Super-Sunday?

How about the cheque covering the first of many, many imitations of Tarzan — and the cheque covering the cover art of the pulp where it appeared?

Kevin loves the cover, might be his favorite of all time.

Back in May, Kevin noted, “to my mind the first Tarzan imitation was ‘Polaris — of the Snows,’ the polar Tarzan, by Charles B. Stilson. ‘Polaris’ debuted in All-Story in December 1915, just three years after Tarzan first appeared.      

“Although completely inaccurate with polar bears at the south pole,” Kevin adds, “and with some crude points in the writing, Stilson’s three Polaris novels still possess a vigor and excitement that makes them fun to read even today.

“‘Polaris’ was followed by ‘Minos of Sardanas’ in 1916 and ‘Polaris and the Goddess Glorian’ in 1917.”      

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