Rediscovered: Roger Craig vs. the Riddle of the Bejeweled Statue

Hammett and The Maltese Falcon have become quite the staples on Jeopardy! By no means do I report on each instance — most recent one I thought worth notice was when Hammett and 891 Post actually got mentioned on the show, and from those clews you had to figure out that the detective would have been Sam Spade.

The broadcast for April 11 also deserves a blurb. A tournament-of-champions-from-three -decades-of-the-show deal. One of the contestants: Roger Craig.

I lean toward Craig as my fave Jeopardy! champ ever, because I happened to be watching when he got back-to-back Daily Doubles and both times bet everything — referred to, accurately, as the “ballsiest 60 seconds of Jeopardy!-playing in history.”

All I have to say is that I’d hate to be one of the competitors up against him or Ken Jennings or some other Monster Player.

So, on April 11 you had a category called Historic Objects. The $1600 slot. Revealing a Daily Double.

What’s the bet?

Craig to Trebek: “You know how I like to roll, Alex — true Daily Double.”

Card turns with the statement: Today thought of as a bejeweled statue, it was the Knights of Malta’s annual tribute to the Holy Roman Emperor.

Craig: “What is the Maltese Falcon?”

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