Rediscovered: Slide Redux into the O.P. Column

Keeping casual track of the Pilgrim’s Progress of my Kid Protégé John D. Haefele, I was surprised a couple of days ago to notice that his 2010 monograph August Derleth Redux had slipped out-of-print.

I popped the news to him, and Haefele replied: “Amazing! After seeing multiple copies available on every site for it seems like forever, suddenly they are gone from ABE, Amazon, and eBay.”

Yeah, I noticed that Amazon lists it as Out of Print-Limited Availability — which I think translates as, Good luck finding one, compadres.

With a reported print run of strictly 150 copies, not everyone will be able to track it down. Not as bad as his Cimmerian Library booklet at around 100 copies. Amazon just says Currently Unavailable on that one. No shit.

And what may be his first book, an Arkham House bibliography, ought to prove even more difficult — with only 45 numbered copies. John Gunnison has one on the block for $100.

Seems like a lot, but then. . . .

The first book from the author of Lovecraft: The Great Tales. . . .

It’ll be fun to watch the proceedings.

And don’t forget that Redux sports a rousing one-page intro by me, as I took the fledgling author under my wing and kicked him out of the nest into the wide world of books.

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