Rediscovered: T.S., Eliot

Autograph Hound Saturday rolls around and Autograph Hound Dog Brian Leno keeps landing major John Hancocks, even as the pandemic howls at his door. To defy the reaper Brian puts a memento mori spin on things, including the display of his latest haul, a T.S. Eliot.

“Some previous collector,” Brian writes, “had mounted it (pasted) to a large piece of cardboard, making it look fairly hideous.

“So a little emergency surgery with a knife and Eliot was free.

“He’s been enclosed in plastic (glued on the back) which could be easily removed — but enough operating for today.

“I stuck him next to a skull — not a real one, just a museum replica — and I think he looks pretty cool. 

“Handful of dust, human skull before it turns to dust, what’s the difference?”

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