Rediscovered: The Avenger

Autograph Hound Super-Sunday again.

It’s always Autograph Hound Super-Sunday in The House of Leno.

Today Brian is keeping it light, showing off a couple of items related to the pulp hero The Avenger — The Avenger, not as big as Doc Savage or The Shadow, but typically some pulp mavens prefer his adventures to those of his bestselling compatriots.

Using his new smart phone, Leno gets a little fancy, catching his image in the mirror of the framed artwork — and even providing a shadowy glimpse of his famed library.

Here’s Brian:

Self portrait of an old grizzled bastard taking a picture of his signed Peter Caras print of The Avenger.

Ordered a few years back, Caras added a little drawing that can be seen, bottom right. Post office beat the hell out of it but I’ve gotten it straightened out a bit. Only five like it and mine is #5.

And also, the John Hancock of The Avenger writer, Paul Ernst. Of course he also wrote Dr. Satan for Weird Tales.

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