Rediscovered: The Eklund Bookplate

I tossed out The Tamony Bookplate found in one of my Knopf yellowback Machens the other day. Among other especially interesting plates I’ve ended up with, I was telling Brian Leno about one I remembered with a skeleton, a road, a mountain. . . .

(And books, yes — it’s a bookplate.)

Turned out that one also lurks in a yellowback, a 1926 first printing of Machen’s The Anatomy of Tobacco.

Did a casual check and Myrtle and Walter Eklund show up in the 1940 Census, in their early 40s, residing in 2315 Webster Street in San Francisco. And some forty years later the book moved on to me for the hefty tag of $5.95.

You get some bargains if you’re satisfied with a ragtag row of yellowbacks.

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