Rediscovered: The Eldritch Altar of a Haefele Heretic!

DSCF0030a (3)

Hey-hey. Friday the 13th!

What eldritch and unspeakable image or subject would be an apt fit for today, I wonder, I wonder. . . ?

How about the pic above by Michael Moses, who added some Lovecraft idols to a little display of editions of John D. Haefele’s A Look Behind the Derleth Mythos from the private collection of a member in good standing of Haefele’s Heretics? An elite group, numbering six, perhaps seven if we’re generous, standing ready to proofread and comment on each new Lovecraftian roll-out from Haefele’s intellectual vaults. . . .

You can tell the guy is a true Heretic: He has the extremely rare first edition hardback.

Also, I figure I ought to toss this image out there as a show of solidarity with Lovecraft as a totemic figure, since the World Fantasy Convention just decided to replace the bust Gahan Wilson did of HPL for the award statuette with something else, after forty years. I get it, things move on — but do any of the folk pitching a bitch about the situation really think their writing will be in any sense equivalent to HPL’s standing close to eighty years after they are gone? If so, they are dumber than they seem at first glance.

I’ve got one of those Gahan HPL statues, by the way, won by Fritz Leiber during the second year of voting. Very cool. Kind of Easter Island combined with the Innsmouth look.

Iä! HPL!

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