Rediscovered: “The Great Lovecraftian”

An hour long interview with Ken Hite on an international podcast finds him referring (roughly from counter 45-48) to “the great Lovecraftian John Haefele” — and don’t panic, the language breaks into English after two or three minutes.

I especially enjoyed Hite’s atmospheric account of how he first read “The Shadow over Innsmouth.” Very cool.

But for purposes of These Mean Streets, his namedrops for my Kid Protégé — author of Lovecraft: The Great Tales — are the main excuse for mentioning the podcast.

Hite obviously has much better taste than the majority of current so-called Lovecraftians. Hard to believe that publication of Haefele’s tome — the longest (and best) litcrit coverage of The Old Gent — passed without mention in the various HPL fanzines for 2021.

You’d think an author of Lovecraft’s standing would have a Journal of Record by this point, but I guess not.

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