Rediscovered: The Great War — Circa 1914


One reason I scheduled a tour for Sunday July 26 was to get myself within striking distance of the Erik Chipchase art reception in Lanesplitter Pizza & Pub on the Emeryville/Oakland borderlands — that showing ends in a couple of days, though I understand Erik will put it up again soon in another branch of Lanesplitter. Check his website for news, or, if you’re out of town or across the globe, you can view the gallery on his The Great War 1914 page.

I was intending to go to the show long before the whole “First World War/Great War” in “This King Business” came up the other day. Coincidence? Who knows.

I’ve known Erik for quite a few years now, courtesy the whole interface with The Cacophony Society (lineal descendent of The Suicide Club, my turf), and he stands out from the masses because it always seems to me that he is dressed to go on a safari or fight a century-old engagement in some desert somewhere. I am certain I have seen him in a pith helmet on more than one occasion.

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