Rediscovered: The Morgman Speaks of Manly Matters

Enter the Barbarian by Morgan Holmes

Talk about timing. Our pal Morgan “The Morgman” Holmes just got an interview up today over on Legends of Men, chatting about Robert E. Howard and Sword-and-Sorcery and the usual. The guy only recently discovered Morgan’s eBook Enter the Barbarian and dug it, one thing led to another, and talk concentrating on the manly ensued.

Just yesterday I got to answer a little survey from a place where I do the occasional review, apparently part of a diversity check requested by a large number of publications, to see how they’re doing in that department.

I think I failed. White. Heterosexual. No great disabilities.

And on one page they asked how you identify, Female, Gay, and so on — only, my best option among limited options was “Cis Male.” Yeah, right. Took me about two seconds to decide to mess with them, so I clicked on Other and typed in “Male.”

(And don’t think a manly emphasis in this interview narrows it all down to muscles and broadswords and nothing else. Just the other day Morgan did a review of Donald Wandrei’s cycle Sonnets of the Midnight Hours. Wandrei wasn’t hanging out lifting weights.)

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