Rediscovered: The Mystery of Tinkles

Got a note from Terry Zobeck a week or so back, basically wondering if I was dead. I wasn’t offended. Not so long ago I popped the bookdealer Gavin Smith of Texas an email, saying “Yo, Gavman! I heard you died. Any truth to the rumor?”

I haven’t heard back from Gavin, so I suspect the worst.

In my case, I haven’t even contracted COVID or anything. However, I have been buried under the weight of my kid protégé John D. Haefele’s 750 page tome Lovecraft: The Great Tales. A few months ago we got down to the last few chapters, and I saw the Finish Line looming ahead. We can do it!

Just have to assemble Haefele’s Heretics and proof like hell. The Heretics have assembled, proofed, and gone their separate ways. I think the Lovecraftians among you will have a cool present for Xmas.

And meanwhile, even as weeks go past with no new posts, the staggering backlog of the archives seems to be keeping people busy. Got a note from Tony Jonick, who says, “Hi, I just wanted to say I’m enjoying your blog. When tours are open again, I hope to take one. I’m doing a very silly podcast with a thinly disguised Sam Spade character, and I’ve gotten a few bits of set dressing from your work. Thank you.”

If you want to spinoff into podcast territory, check out The Mystery of Tinkles and other adventures.

And in other news, Terry Zobeck did mention he’s about to retire from the old real world job, and figures he’ll need something to do. Blogging like hell?

Why not?

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