Rediscovered: The Starrett Bookplates

Brian Leno was poking around the web, as he often does, and ran across a blog post with a history and gallery of the bookplates of the great Chicago bookman Vincent Starrett.

I’ve got one or two books from his library with plates, but it’s daunting. Do you realize if you have enough time for searching around and loot to shell out, you could buy more books from Starrett’s library than you have right now in your own library?

As with my Machen collection, my Starrett holdings are somewhat ragtag, but I’ve got several signed or inscribed.

Now that I am almost done rereading parts of the monumental Lovecraft: The Great Tales by Haefele maybe I’ll have time to delve deeper into the rest of the blog about Starrett. His books-about-books are some of my faves, and surely inform my suggestions in Haefele’s study.

Literature just as literature is fine, but some of us prefer literature as encountered in actual books of the moment. The stories told as they are written, in a writer’s life.

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