Rediscovered: Theodore Roscoe

Noted book and pulp collector Kevin Cook mentioned to me that Up & Down has “yet to feature Theodore Roscoe, who did write fantastic fiction, including two stories in Weird Tales in 1928 — but whom I admire most because of his Foreign Legion stories in Argosy.”

Those Thibaut Corday Foreign Legion stories from Argosy were collected complete in four volumes by Altus Press in 2012, for the curious.

Kevin also sent in an example of Roscoe inscribing a novel from 1935 — in 1990.

Murder on the Way! (Dodge Publishing Company, 1935) is a rewritten version of the Argosy serial “A Grave Must Be Deep”  from 1934. Roscoe would do the same thing for Dodge Publishing when he rewrote “War Declared” from Argosy in 1935 into I’ll Grind Their Bones in 1936.

Our pal Morgan “The Morgman” Holmes gave Roscoe a blurb earlier this year over on Castalia House.

Consider Roscoe featured. Ka-Chow!

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