Rediscovered: Time for Derleth

August Derleth is beginning to get renewed evaluation — and not just from our good pal John D. Haefele.

Just noticed an article by G. W. Thomas that blurbs Derleth’s 132 appearances in the magazine Weird Tales. Provides a list, in order — and reproduces many if not all of the original illustrations. Seeing is believing, right?

Without further checking, my memory tells me that Derleth was the second most prolific contributor to Weird Tales. First, of course, was Seabury Quinn, who knocked out the almost endless stream of stories about occult detective Jules de Grandin, and other yarns. Third, I believe — and you wouldn’t expect it — was none other than Clark Ashton Smith.

The blurbage in the article has a rough spot or two. Haefele mentions, “Actually, I counted 138 appearances in The Unique Magazine. This guy must have missed a legit pseudo.” And Derleth did not live in a “log cabin” in Wisconsin. He and a pal did rent a small shack to use as a writing studio. For a summer.

Or, I suppose you might think of the custom-made home Derleth had built, Place of Hawks, as a log cabin — a GIANT log cabin.

Here’s a postcard Derleth had made up, standing in front of his house. Log cabin or not log cabin? You decide:

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