Rediscovered: Tod Robbins

And finally for this incarnation of Autograph Hound Saturday Revisited we lay out another signature from Clarence A. Robbins, often billed as C.A. Robbins, but best known as Tod Robbins, who wrote the story that served as the kernel of inspiration on which Tod Browning’s cult classic Freaks was based.

One of us! One of us!

Previously, we featured a John Hancock that read “Tod Robbins.” This time you get a “C.A. Robbins” — on a cheque from the personal holdings of noted pulp and book collector Kevin Cook.

Kevin reports that while the cheque paid for a story titled “In Brangler Hall,” the final published version appeared with the title “Wild Willie, the Waster” — as by Tod Robbins — in the February 14, 1920 issue of All-Story Weekly.

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