Rediscovered: Who Knows Solar Pons?

Who knows Pons?

Well, John D. Haefele for one.

Haefele just put up a post on the Allied Authors blog in which he ruminates in re: August Derleth’s Sherlock Holmes of Praed Street.

He gets into all manner of esoterica, from the elusive Three Problems for Solar Pons (the really scarce, and pricey, item in the Pons first edition rollout) and some of the ephemera on the subject. He even provides a checklist of all the ephemera items Derleth released devoted exclusively to his mystery imprint Mycroft & Moran — which I’m thinking need to be included in any checklist of official Arkham House ephemera.

(Yes, despite all the other pies we have a toe stuck in at the moment, Haefele and I are seriously considering getting a full book on the ephemera out this year — it is, after all, the 80th anniversary of Arkham House.)

Do you know Solar Pons?

Read Haefele’s article and you’ll get a formal introduction.

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