Rediscovered: Woolrich in The Mask

Another year down on These Mean Streets!

How about we go out with a sharp Kachow! from the ever-ready roscoe?

The noted book and pulp collector Kevin Cook decided to dive into his holdings and dig out the autograph of Cornell Woolrich — on a check for the story “If the Dead Could Talk” from the February 1943 issue of Black Mask.

“Figure we have run lots of checks,” Kevin notes, “but not one connected to the signature pulp for the mystery/detective field.”

Yep, this year we’ve spotlighted signed cheques for Munsey titles and other pulps, but this item marks the first gander at a payment from Fictioneers, Inc.

And the John Hancock from Woolrich doesn’t hurt it any. Guy was at the top of the noir heap.

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