Sinister Cinema: Carnival of Souls

To further prep his fellow Autograph Hounds for the arrival of Halloween, that most eldritch of holidays, Brian Leno jumps back into action with another triple-threat spread of Heroines of Horror.

Today he kicks off Autograph Hound Saturday with a signature related to that stone-cold classic of creepy atmosphere, Carnival of Souls.

Here’s Brian, to get you in the trick or treating mood:

While the scan isn’t perfect, knocking off most of the inscription, the photo is a classic shot of Candace Hilligoss rising from the muddy river in Carnival of Souls (1962).

Ms. Hilligoss won’t be found in too many other movies as her filmography is very limited, but Carnival of Souls is now considered a cult favorite and her signature is much sought after by fans.

She has published her memoirs, and, a few years ago when I picked up this photo, her website was running strong and taking orders for signed items. 

Carnival of Souls is one of those movies that has to be seen at least once every Halloween.

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