Sinister Cinema: Conjure Wife

On the Fritz Leiber Tour the other day I was asked if any movies have been made from his books.

Sure. A few, at least — topped by no less than three versions of his excellent supernatural horror novel Conjure Wife. First done as an Inner Sanctum Mystery starring Lon Chaney Jr. under the title Weird Woman, then a Brit version (using a title borrowed from A. Merritt) Burn, Witch, Burn, then another one I’ve never seen, done as an episode of a TV anthology series.

If you look close you can see Fritz’s credit line in small print at the bottom of the poster.

A little gesture for Halloween (my idea to wax on and on about reading a lot of The Walking Dead comic books to see how they are different from the TV show will have to wait till a less appropriate day, but I’ll get to it).

And now allow me to get back into yet another reread on “The Shadow over Innsmouth” — inspired by John Haefele’s upcoming book I’ve been making my way through Lovecraft once more, always a pleasure.

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