Sinister Cinema: Fort Point

As I just mentioned, when Evan/Dave Lewis came to town I showed him and his wife around for a few hours, witnessed by the shot above.

Fort Point, under the south end of the Golden Gate Bridge.

Classic noir locale.

Behind us, behind the blue car, you can see a fenced-off area, where the terrain is eroding away — when I first came to the burg in 1974 and for many years after, you could walk out to this area and around toward the Pacific. No more.

That’s where Jimmy Stewart dives in after Kim Novak in Vertigo.

(Mel Brooks of course sets a scene here in High Anxiety, as well.)

To the left in the image, out of frame, there is a large rocky hill — where Bogie dukes it out with the punk in Dark Passage. (One of the on-the-ground flaws in the movie is that anyone who has been to the spot knows there is no way anyone could drive out to that area without alerting a passenger wayyyyyy in advance that something hinky is going down. Nonetheless, a great movie.)

And in the Civil War era fort itself, the scenes with Lee Marvin at the end of Point Blank — supposed to be Alcatraz, as I recall, but they couldn’t get an okay to shoot on The Rock.

Even a glimpse of the spot in Lady from Shanghai.

Yep. Classic noir.

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