Sinister Cinema: Giamatti Is “Hoke”

Surfing around the net as I drink coffee and try to wake up, what ho!

News that Charles Willeford’s existential cop Hoke Moseley will return with Paul Giamatti in the title role.

At least for a pilot — with any luck, for a run of a show, now that Justified, off Elmore Leonard, has blazed the trail.

Maybe I should get back to that revised ebook version of my Willeford bio which I have backburnered, just in case it gets picked up for series, just in case the thing is a hit. . . .

I know Curtis Hanson has had an interest in developing the property for — what? — at least twenty years. Hey, could be good.

And I think Willeford himself would appreciate the irony that the comments show that the guy who wrote the article, and the people commenting, haven’t read the books. As good as the show may be, it won’t be as good as the novels.

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