Sinister Cinema: It Could Have Been Worse

I keep thinking about how clunky Roadhouse Nights was — how maybe I’d have been better off never seeing it.

Yeah, sure, I get to check it off the list of Hammett-related movies. I have most of those checked off, and the majority of Hitchcock, huge chunks out of lists for noir, swashbucklers, and Hong Kong action film. And when I get near the end, I tend to save one or two for a rainy day — a couple of Peckinpahs, some Louis Malle — if I know you can get them. A few years back the Pacific Film Archive screened something like fourteen out of the seventeen or so total movies by Wojciech Haas, and I went to everything, because I suspected I’d never get to see most of them again. No showings. No DVD. No streaming.

No one I chatted with in the Castro seemed to like Nights. I remember saying to one guy, “Well, it could have been worse.”

“How could it have been worse?”

“It didn’t have Seth Rogan in it.”

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