Sinister Cinema: Pulps in the Movies Gets a Cinesavant Nod

John Locke’s ongoing series Pulps in the Movies — On Sale Every Wednesday — gets some coverage over on Cinesavant, about halfway down the column.

If you like movies you’d like Pulps in the Movies, right?

But today is Tuesday and John hasn’t popped his latest installment in yet (!).

Kind of cutting it close. The time train rockets down the tracks.

The edge of that cliff seems tailor-made for a cliffhanger. . . .

Jeez, now I’m making myself nervous.

You’d think John would be content to coast along, pull a sample from the 250-plus he has on file. Yet he keeps ransacking the cinema of yesteryear! He just told me, “Saw Bureau of Missing Persons (1933) the other night. Great Pat O’Brien patter: ‘I’ve got five notches on my gun and another forty on my knuckles!'”

The problem, however, he summed up in two words: “No pulps.”

Tomorrow — another swell offering to the culture? The shocking silence of Nothing?

Stay tuned.

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