Sinister Cinema: Scary Monsters

Brian Leno continues to “splash the field,” sneaking articles into mags hither and yon — and this time he gets into a publication that has won numerous Rondo Hatton awards. Brian and I decided that the only award we’d really like to nab at this point would be a Rondo, but then of course I’d have to do something Rondoesque — at least Leno is on the hunt.

“Here’s the Scary Monsters Magazine I am appearing in — their Monster Memories annual,” Brian reports. “My memory is titled ‘Monsters in the Closet.’

“I think it’s a pretty classy looking periodical, the cover is great. The issue can be picked up at Barnes & Noble most places, I imagine.

“Always wanted to see my name in a monster magazine ever since I was a kid. Was raised on Famous Monsters of Filmland and Castle of Frankenstein, great stuff.

“This issue also contains articles on Lovecraft, H. H. Holmes, and of course much more. Even something on Norman Bates and his Ma.

“Should be fun.”

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