Sinister Cinema: Scream Queen

To get you in the mood for Halloween this Autograph Hound Saturday, Brian Leno has brought forth from his vault signatures by Candace Hilligoss, Barbara Steele — and now wraps it up with a true icon of the Pop Culture.

Here’s Brian:

There aren’t many movies as great as King Kong (1933) and Fay Wray helped ensure the immortality of the film. Her screams, and the roars of Kong, still resonate with fans after all these years.

Ms. Wray lived a long life, attaining almost 97 years of age, so while her signature isn’t rare, autographed photos of her and Kong don’t come cheap.

Signed copies of her autobiography can be purchased for a decent price, but nothing beats a photo of the lady in the clutches of the big ape.

Mention should also be made of her earlier film, The Most Dangerous Game (1932), another favorite of mine.

The lady was beautiful and boy, could she scream!

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