Sinister Cinema: The Golem

And for the theme of today’s Autograph Hound Super-Sunday, Brian Leno digs another signature from the clay. . . .

“I love the German silents,” Brian tells me, “right now a signed postcard of Paul Richter (Siegfried) is on the way from Germany.”

(I wonder if Brian has a Max Schreck? I wonder how much loot a Max Schreck would suck out of your bank account. . . ?)

Brian now proclaims:

Paul Wegener is one of the greats of German silent films.

His portrayal of the monster in The Golem: How He Came into the World (1920) inspired many filmmakers, most notably James Whale and his Frankenstein (1931).

Wegener is also remembered for his role as the mad scientist in the film adaptation of Hanns Heinz Ewer’s Alraune (1928). It’s another great movie, and the performance of Brigitte Helm is not to be missed.

A somewhat obscure figure except for those who love silent German movies, Wegener is a rare signature and so somewhat pricey.

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