Smackdown: The Morgman vs. Noah Ward!

Enter the Barbarian by Morgan Holmes

In case someone is interested, how about a look-see at the cover of the new eBook from Morgan Holmes before he got a Hugo nomination?

Still a great graphic — the trick is to make the eBook covers pop when displayed in the postage stamp-sized thumbnails on Amazon — but when your author suddenly gets a Hugo nom, then obviously the term Hugo Nominee needs to be tossed around wildly.

Yeehaw! Go, Morgan, go!

Morgan is the first Robert E. Howard critic up for a Hugo that I can think of, except of course for the late great Fritz Leiber — multiple Hugo Winner, though not specifically for his brilliant litcrit on REH or Lovecraft. If you get into Fritz, then the savvy he displayed in re: REH and HPL in various essays plays off into his own fiction, especially the Sword-and-Sorcery and horror. All part and parcel of a writer worth reading, and if you’re inclined, worth some study and even attempts at deep thinking.

If Morgan actually cops a Hugo when the World SF Con is held later this year, then I’m confident he’ll get a new cover with the term Hugo Winner REAL BIG — maybe even variant colors or fonts. (Although as I have suggested decades ago, for anything on REH you don’t need anything other than black and red. Howard is The Dark Barbarian That Towers Over All.)

Other than cheerleading for Morgan on the side, I’m not following the Hugo voting — if you’ve got a vote, consider The Morgman and his years in the trenches, and his flashy turn last year with lots of blogging and a.p.a.s and essays here and there.

I’ve heard that his main competition may be someone named Noah Ward, who swept several Hugo categories last year and looks poised to duke it out in multiple categories again this round.

Morgan vs. Noah Ward.

Up and Down These Mean Streets sez Vote Morgan.


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