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Hammett: Two Sharp Knives on Early Television

Terry Zobeck has been investigating that 1949 TV show where Dashiell Hammett pulls a Hitchcock and delivers a couple of lines — to date, the only recording of Hammett’s voice to turn up. “I watched Two Sharp Knives this afternoon,” … Continue reading

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Hammett: “Albert Pastor at Home” and “His Brother’s Keeper”

Our frequent Guest Blogger Tenderloin Terry Zobeck returns — finishing off his examination of the first set of pure text Hammett stories he had in his files, to see what sort of blue pencil Frederic Dannay put them to as he assembled ten paperback … Continue reading

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Hammett: The Sam Spade Stories

Frequent Guest Blogger Terry Zobeck returns, to survey the three short stories featuring Sam Spade that Hammett sold to the slicks in 1932. I echo his opinions on these tales — compared to the best of the Op yarns, the … Continue reading

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